Should You Choose Spotted Gum Decking Melbourne For Your House?

With the summer months advancing in Australia, most homeowners are keen on upgrading their outdoor space to soak in the warmth. Building a deck would be a pleasant way to enhance your house’s beauty and practical backdrop. 

Hardwood decking has become a part of the Australian lifestyle to utilize their outdoor space. It’s hard to find a house without one. Australian hardwoods are popular for their traditional appeal and durability. Not sure which type of hardwood to opt for decking your home? One of the popular options you will come across in Melbourne backyards is spotted gum decking. 

Having used spotted gum decking Melbourne over the years for multiple projects, we would like to share some valuable insights about this hardwood. Keep scrolling to find out more!

What Is Spotted Gum?

Spotted gum is a popular hardwood decking product loved by architects and designers across the globe. They are available in a wide array of dark brown and pale shades. Also, it comes with a wavy grain texture that makes it an attractive decking option. This plant is mostly seen growing in the coastal regions of Queensland and New South Wales. 

This hardwood choice is an excellent way to enhance the texture and versatility of your home. Wondering why spotted gum decking in Melbourne is the most preferred choice for Decking houses? It thrives well under most weather conditions and is fire resistant. This makes it suitable for areas that are commonly prone to bushfires. 

Besides, its durable nature makes it suitable for hard-wearing decking purposes. With proper maintenance, you can expect it to last for up to 40 years. Due to his incredible strength and striking appeal, it is an ideal choice for commercial spaces and houses.

Spotted Gum Timber: Appearance

Spotted Gum trees usually display a pale white to grey-colored bark. When you use spotted gum timber for decking, it gives off a dark chocolate brown to reddish-brown shade. It comes with a wavy grain and a moderately coarse texture. Most architects and homeowners are attracted to this wavy grain texture of spotted gum that gives a fiddleback look.

Over the years, the spotted gum decking hue will fade to a grayer shade. The hues can be enhanced by coating the wood using stains or oil finishing products. It’s essential to provide adequate care while drying the Spotted gum during internal applications. If dried too far or too quickly, the coarse timber texture may result in surface checking. 

Adequate research and testing are essential to achieve the perfect finishing and color. Our professional team of spotted gum decking installers Melbourne are the best nationwide to provide desirable outcomes.

Attributes of Using Spotted Gum Decking 

Are you looking for incredible decking options for your property? Spotted gum decking would be the best pick! It offers numerous beneficial qualities that make it popular throughout Australia. Here are some characteristics that make it stand out among the other hardwood choices. 

  • Degree A Fire resistance. 

With a minimum 18 mm thickness, spotted gum does not need fire retardant coating to tackle bush fires.

  • High Durability

Due to its Janka Hardness 11 rating level, it displays a tough and durable nature. 

  • Maintenance requirements.

Comparatively, spotted gum decking requires very little maintenance. Like other decking options, spotted gum also needs oiling, staining, and sealing to retain its beauty. 

  • Lesser Tannin Level. 

Spotted gum has lower tannin content, making it less susceptible to staining and bleeding than the other varieties

Is Spotted Gum Decking Resistant To Termites?

Absolutely! Our spotted gum decking is resistant to all sorts of termite attacks. However, when it comes to Lyctid infections, it’s a whole different story. Untreated spotted gum decking is, unfortunately, an easy target for these bug attacks. These bugs are commonly known as Powderpost beetles. They boreholes into the wooden framework and leave a powdery talc-like trail behind. 

If not much sapwood is present, it’s unnecessary to treat these borers as they won’t cause much damage to the decking. However, if sapwood is significantly present, you need to eliminate these bugs and prevent their attacks. If left untreated, it can affect the overall integrity of the spotted gum decking construction. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

The price of spotted gum decking varies based on the quantity, application, and size of the hardwood you use. Spotted gum decking comes at a higher cost that ranges around $110 per square meter due to its popularity and desirable features. 

Compared with other decking options like blackbutt and jarrah costs, spotted gum decking costs more when it comes to larger deck options. Yet, most people prefer spotted gum decking for its benefits. Unlike the most commonly used pine decking – the cheapest option spotted gum decking needs lesser maintenance and lasts longer. 

Like any other hardwood decking, it’s essential to use stains and oils on spotted gum decking. Using clear oils is not a good choice in Australia due to its high UV content level. Make sure to use oils that do not conceal the natural and true beauty of these hardwoods. 

Thanks to the incredible sturdiness and durability of spotted gum, it is the best choice for decking spaces. You will come across this hardwood decking mostly in heavy foot traffic areas. Also, our spotted gum decking Victoria displays a class one-grade quality for above-ground durability.

Mostly available in sizes ranging from 65 mm to 32 mm, this timber is logged as per the Australian Forestry Standards. With a lifespan of over four decades, it sure gives a stunning look for years to come. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to installing a deck in your yard, it’s best to leave it in the hands of professional experts. Consulting with licensed builders like us will ensure you adhere to all the Australian standards and construction codes. 

Our timber products are the best in town! We specialize in breathtaking decking projects at competitive prices to meet your needs. Get in touch with our team to find out more about the range of premium decking products we offer to upgrade your living space. For free quotes, feel free to contact our experts to discuss customized requirements for your home. 

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