Want To Create Outdoor Heaven? Pool Decking Is The Answer.

Who does not like having a spacious outdoor pool! Did you know that pool decking is one of the best ways to extend your home? Many homeowners in Melbourne have converted their pool areas into stylish outdoor spaces by constructing a pool deck. Can you imagine the fun times you can spend either by yourself or with your loved ones in warm summers and the cool springs!

What is pool decking?

The pool deck is the area immediately surrounding your pool. In some places, it is often called a ‘pool patio.’ This is where hotels place their lounge chairs near the pool for relaxing and rejuvenating. The pool deck adds a lot of style to the outdoors.

It is essential to choose the right kind of materials when you want to construct your pool deck.

There are only four requirements for a good pool deck.
· It should look smart and stylish
· It must be inviting
· It should be well constructed with a clean finish
· And it should be anti-slip in nature

A pool deck is the best outdoor space for the family: Pool decks are becoming more popular nowadays thanks to the balmy Melbourne summers. Whether you want to have fun with your own family or looking to host people at your deck, pool decks are the best place for it.

Pool coping versus pool decking

Pool coping and pool decking are two different things. Pool coping is only capping the edges of the pool with stone or concrete. But pool decking is large enough to accommodate the laying of outdoor furniture, games, and even a barbeque. Pool coping is only about 12 inches wide and goes around the perimeter of the pool. The pool deck is all the floor space surrounding your pool. A pool deck is also called the poolscape if it includes landscaping.

Timber is the most popular choice:

More than 50 percent of homeowners prefer timber for decking their pools in Melbourne. Timber has this quality of lending itself and creating a laidback natural environment to the pool’s surroundings. But timber is a high maintenance material and not everyone’s cup of tea.
If you cannot dedicate time and energy to staining and sealing it, steer away from using it for the pool deck. Not sealing it will lead to faster deterioration, and without staining, it can start looking very faded and old.

Other Top 5 choices for wood pool decking?

– Pine
This is a very common type of wood for pool decking. It costs less mainly because it is readily available. It absorbs very little heat in the sun and will keep cool even when it is very hot outside. Pine but can warp and easily fall to fungal infection and other insects. Remember to look out for treated pine wood only. It will give your deck a longer life and requires less maintenance. Pine’s biggest strength is that it absorbs less heat in sunny weather and will keep your feet more comfortable and cool when the sun is burning.

– Cedar
Treated cedar wood will resist pests and hot weather and give your deck a longer life. It is effortless to install and can look great if done right. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and pests, but it is best to treat the treated variety over the traditional one.

– Teak
Teak is also a very resilient variety of wood for molds, mildews, and pests. It is a durable choice because it requires not too much maintenance. It does not absorb water, looks attractive, and is cost-efficient; what more does one need!

– Mahogany
Mahogany is sturdy and withstands extreme climatic conditions. It also is very pleasing to the eyes. The specialty of mahogany is that it goes well with all sorts of décor and construction material. It is also maintenance-free and one of the best choices for your beautiful outdoor pool.

– Redwood
Redwood is elegant, and there are no two things about it. It is decay resistant as well as resists moisture and pests. It is effortless to work with and forms a beautiful color contrast with the blue of the waters.

-Composite Wood
If you love wood and its feel and touch but hate to spend time doing the maintenance gigs, go for composite wood. The material looks exactly like wood but is manufactured from plastic synthetics. It will not fade or splinter or even rot!

It requires not any maintenance despite being constantly exposed to the sun and the water. Plus, it will look super new even after years of installing it. There is a wide variety of composite wood available in different colors, but it can be more expensive than traditional wood. 

Contact Melbourne decking builders to transform your drab pool area into a place you and your family will love spending time. Contact them for an appointment for a free consultation today.

Whatever be the age of the property or the pool, decking can increase your home’s value by leaps and bounds. There is a decking solution with pool decking installers Melbourne, whether it is a new or old pool.

Wood is easy to work with and gives a natural look. It is also easy on the budget. But the only disadvantage is that you will have to spend a lot of time caring for it. It will need staining and sealing to prevent loss of color and make it damage-proof.

A lot of people today are choosing composite decking over natural wood. This is because the material is long-lasting and requires almost no maintenance. The 360 degrees capped composite planks used for decking around the pools are pest-proof. It does not get damaged due to moisture or overexposure to the sun.


Pool decking is for anyone that thinks their poolside looks boring and uninspiring. Pool decking installers Melbourne have lots of experience to help you choose the suitable material for your pool deck. All you need to do is hand over your pool decking Melbourne project into their responsible hands and relax. You can think of the ways you will enjoy your new pool deck in the meantime.

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