Change Your Lifestyle with Outdoor Decking Melbourne

Are you bored of sitting inside the house in the evenings and yet don’t want to go out far, searching for some peace and calm? Then outdoor decks are the perfect solution. The decks are the bridges between the great outdoors and your home. You can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outside views from the deck, which is just an extension of your home.

Nothing can beat a beautiful deck outside your home. Having a uniquely designed deck beats having any number of curios and huge art pieces. A deck reflects the personality of the home. It has the great advantage of the outdoors and yet the warmth of the indoors or the house. 

Why should you have an outdoor deck?

This place represents you. You create a space that can be used in so many different ways. Entertainment with friends and family or spending some time alone in quiet reflection, an outdoor deck is a place that will make it all possible.

Building a deck in the outdoor space will enhance the appearance and utility value of otherwise unused space. It does not even need a flat area to be built upon. So, you can easily use the ground that is sloping or uneven for making a deck—this a good utilization of an unused piece of land. You can also raise the deck to match the house and make the entire area seamless and on the same level. 

The value of the house goes up with a deck. The total usable area increases and the price of the property also increases exponentially. A strong deck needs well-planned design and execution. The expert services of outdoor decking installers Melbourne can create a long-lasting structure adjacent to the house. This will be the place where you will create long cherished moments of happiness with friends and family.

What material should you use for the deck?

The most important aspect of the installation is to decide the material for the deck. You have to consider many aspects before planning the actual process. You can study on your own or take the expert guidance of a company like ours. We will try to address some important questions here that will help you understand decking better. You can see the differences between the wood boards and the composite boards most commonly used in Australia.

  1. Composite decking boards and wood or timber boards are the two options. The wood boards are abundantly available in our country and are cheaper. The composite material is made using wood powder and plastic recycled material, so it is more eco-friendly. Both suit the climate of our country.
  2. Wood decks are cheaper, while composite decks will be slightly more expensive at the time of installation.
  3. Composite decks are more durable and need less maintenance. Wood decks may be maintained with some care and periodical checkups. But they last a few years less than the composite ones. 
  4. Wooden deck boards may split or rot if not maintained well. The composite deck is resistant to splitting and weather elements.
  5. Wood boards are unique as these are created by nature. The deck made using wood planks may have a different design due to the unique grain structure and lines on the wood used. Composite boards, on the other hand, are made to look like wood boards. They come in many different colors and designs.
  6. Wood is slightly heavy and may need the support of steel plates and checkups of screws and nuts due to corrosion. Composite boards come with special fasteners and can be easily installed. There is no question of rotting and corrosion here. 
  7. Wood boards may stain easily. The composite boards are stain-resistant.
  8. You can easily buy the wood boards and install the deck yourself. This will take some time and effort. It may also need special treatment every few months to maintain the look. Professional companies install composite boards. You may have to spend some money, but then the work will be executed flawlessly.
  • Both the varieties have pros and cons. You can decide based on the following factors
  •  Budget
  •  Area to be used for decking
  •  Climatic conditions in your area
  •  Your technical expertise
  •  Individual preference for color and material

Some FAQs

All composite boards are made using similar recycled plastic, rice hull, and wood fiber and fillers. These are mixed with plastic and then molded into boards. These boards are also covered with a resin and plastic-based coating. Many companies make these boards. The difference is based on the process, colors, and certifications. We cannot give you one brand as the best one. 

When it is very hot, both the surfaces are going to be hot. The wooden planks are unprotected and may become hotter than composite material. The color and tint of the wood also affect its heat retention. The dark-colored wood boards will be hotter than the lighter ones. Another important aspect is that extreme heat and dryness will slowly damage the wooden planks. Over the years, the boards may split or chip, which is not a possibility in composite boards.

This is a good question, as a deck is just not about wooden boards. A team like ours can provide all the services together. Most companies have technical experts who offer their inputs and services. The package is all-inclusive. This also helps in bringing together all the elements of the design. When the team members are together, the final product is unique and has the potential to be the best. 


You can see how you can transform an open space into a beautiful part of your life. Though it does need some investment in terms of money and time, in the end, it will all be worth it. When you spend time on the deck year after year every summer, you will never regret having a deck. It will only be all about creating more happy memories. 

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