Want To Learn More About Merbau Decking Melbourne Style? Read On

Are you ready to welcome the summer but feel that a good deck is required to enjoy the most? Melbourne is full of homes with outdoor decks sporting different styles. 

Do you feel tempted to own one, then go ahead. It is quite easy, and the benefits are many. But, one main thing to consider before you start your deck building project is the timber. 

When it comes to building a deck, you want to make sure that the deck is durable, looks good, and lasts long. One such timber which offers all this and much more is Merbau. 

What Is Merbau Timber? 

Merbau is a hardwood that is native to Southeast Asian regions. Many people also know it as Kwila. It is a durable timber that is deep red/ brown in color. Merbau is a popular choice for decking, fencing, flooring, and paneling. It is readily available, and many house owners use it for constructing their decks and prefer to use it even in other parts of their homes. Merbau timber is famous for its toughness. It is this strength and toughness which makes it ideal for decking purposes. Even termites will have a difficult time eating through Merbau. 

Merbau timber grain is usually tightly woven or has a wavy pattern with a great texture. The reddish-brown color can add a lot of style to any deck. Apart from durability, Merbau is also well known for splinter resistance, minimum shrinkage, and a beautiful finish. Decks made with Merbau can last lifelong if maintained correctly. 

Merbau Wood Hardness & Color

Even among the hardwoods, Merbau is known as one of the hardest timbers. It has a Janka rating of 1850 Ps, which is almost 80 % higher than teak and 40 % higher than oak wood. The timber flooring industry uses a Janka rating to compare and measure any floor’s hardness. This is why it is excellent as decking timber. Melbourne’s best deck constructors, such as Melbourne Decking, use Merbau a lot in their work and find it top class. 

Merbau is a beautiful wood, and its coloration, which goes from red to deep golden, adds a lot of class and warmth. Another unique feature of Merbau wood is the golden sparks which are approximately 2-4 mm long and 1 mm in width. These golden sparks add a touch of glamour to the whole look. Merbau decks need to be processed with oil finishing. Otherwise, they may bleed color and fade. 

Pros And Cons Of Merbau Decking

Merbau is famous for its unique appearance as well as its durability for decking. You can ask any Merbau decking installers Melbourne has for more information. Melbourne Decking is well known for quality decking, and you can take their help to learn more about Merbau decking. Here are some pros and cons which can give a better idea about Merbau decks. 


• Appearance: the color is probably the first thing you notice about Merbau. There are a variety of Merbau timbers, and they are available in many colors. From a beautiful orangish to shades of red and soft yellows to ivory, the multitude of colors can match with all kinds of decors.
• Workability: Merbau is a versatile timber and is perfect for a range of uses. It is tough, durable, and yet easy to work with. Deck construction with Merbau is not difficult.
• Prevents Infestations: thanks to its hardness and structure, Merbau does not allow infestations. As deck timber, Merbau is perfect because even termites cannot harm it. 


· Messy: the high tannin in Merbau causes it to bleed when wet. To prevent this, you need to oil it regularly. Both ways, oiling & bleeding can cause the deck to become messy.
· Environmental Cost: like other timber, Merbau also causes deforestation. Adding to the problem is the import cost. Unsustainable logging over the years has made Merbau bad for the environment.
· Cost: it is not just a one-off cost. All good timbers require continuous maintenance apart from the installation costs. Merbau needs to be cared for every 3 to 6 months, depending on the usage. 

Merbau is perfect for a variety of uses, and one of them is decking. Merbau decking in Melbourne is common, and it is quite popular for outdoor decks. Its durability and ease of use, along with its termite resistance and weathering properties, position it among the top 5 timbers ideal for decking.

It is better to seal the Merbau properly before installation. Wash the timber well to flush out the tannins as much as possible. Then leave it to the weather for up to 8 weeks. After weathering, seal the wood from all sides with a high-quality oil or sealant. This will ensure longer life and less bleeding. 

Merbau is a durable hardwood with a unique appearance. It is also not very cheap. So, once you use it to make a deck, you must oil it regularly to retain its look and stay strong. Most timbers thrive and age well with proper oiling, and Merbau is no different. Ensure that you buy the best quality oil and follow all instructions fully. Cheap oil can damage the timber. 


When it comes to decking in Melbourne, Merbau is a clear winner. Though there are various other timbers available, none of them possess the unique features of Merbau. It has natural oil or tannin, which keeps it looking rich and attractive even after years. This tannin also helps the timber to withstand harsh weather conditions. Apart from regular oiling, Merbau does not require much in the way of maintenance.

Moreover, despite being one of the hardest timbers, Merbau is easy to work with. This quality of Merbau makes it convenient when you need to construct odd-shaped decks. If you want your deck to be more than a simple outdoor space, choose Merbau. Its colors, texture, and unique grain patterns will turn your deck into a piece of art. 

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